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Adventure activities at Raigad

Trekking Activity

On the face of it Raigad appears to be remotely located. But Mumbai, Pune and Satara are equidistant from Raigad. It is located on North latitude 18 - 14 minutes and East longitude 73 - 26 minutes. Height from sea level is 2851 feet. Deep gorges separate it from the mountain range of Sahyadri, by a valley approximately 1.5 km wide. Through this valley the rivers Gandhar and River Kal flow. The Sahyadri mountain range surrounds Raigad from all sides.

Camping Ground

Village Pachad is located on main Mahad-Raigad road which is within 3 km from Raigad Fort. This was main historic village for shopping for Raigad which is so even now. Electricity, water supply and
conveyance by State Transport buses is available.

Places for Trekking

Excellent trekking places exist all around Raigad.

Fort Torana: It is on the East at a distance of 30 km and is clearly visible from Raigad.

Fort Lingana: Within a distance of 3 km in the Western Sahyadri range is located the Fort Lingana. It is at a height of 2969 feet from the sea level and was used to house prisoners by Shivaji Maharaj.

Nijampur - Fort Mangad - Raigad Trek: Nijampur is on the Northwest at a distance of 16 km from Raigad. This is a beautiful trek.

Birwadi - Raigad Trek: Pre-Shivaji era Village Birwadi is 24 km from Raigad. The trek is along river Kal.

Mahad Trek: The trek is of 21 km along the river Gandhari up to Konzar Then via Pachad to Raigad.

There are a number of other interesting places in the area viz Pratapgad, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Bhatghar lake, Sinhgad, famous sea fort of Janjira, Janjira-Murud beach etc., are some of the star attractions.

Opportunities Available For Adventure Activities

Fort Raigad has a rich cultural heritage. This is the very place from where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj raged relentless guerilla warfare against the Mughals The spectacular mountain ranges of Sahyadri offer adventure and a rich historical treasure. It is possible to conduct trekking, adventurous and rock-climbing activities at Raigad.

We have a head office at Pune, with the 'Ropeway Site' located at Fort Raigad. The Company has a strong philosophy of Nation building. The Company can be of immense help to conduct adventure activity in Raigad area. Authorities desirous of conducting a camp in Raigad area may contact the head office of the company for following assistance:

- Assist concerned Camp Authority in selection of suitable camp site at Raigad

- Establish a Laison between the camp authorities and the local bodies tor   administration

- NCC / NSS Cadets in a Group of No. 100 & above Rs. 200/- per head.

This will include:

- Visit to a museum created by renowned historians

- Film show on Fort Raigad.

- Facility for a night halt on top of Fort Raigad in Bhavanimandap can be   provided free of cost with prior arrangements with Raigad Rope-way   Authorities. Toilet facility is available. Cadets are expected to bring bedsheets   and pillow with them.

- Camp equipment / Rock Climbing gear etc., belonging to the organization   conducting the camp can be conveyed from the base station to the top of   Raigad Fort by the Ropeway.

Lodging and Boarding facility for the Tourists.

Excellent lodging facility has been provided for the tourists at Raigad Rope-way. Accommodation can be provided for 22 peoples at Upper station as wel as Lower station.
For Charges refer to Brochure. We also provide excellent Vegetarian Food at Raigad Rope-way.


A close encounter with Raigad is a must for every young man and woman seeking an adventure in life in general and adventurous career in the Armed Forces in particular.

At Raigad the tough gets going, when the going gets tough.


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