Raigad Ropeway - Ropeway Riding

Ropeway Package

Away from hustle and bustle of the city, you are in serenity of nature here at Fort Raigad. Fort Raigad is a visual delight in all the seasons, a perfect panoramic view, scenic and peaceful. It’s a perfect One Day Picnic Spot for one and all! Fort Raigad is an ideal weekend spot where the exquisiteness of nature and the richness of history go hand in hand.

The waiting period of the ride is taken care by the Historic Museum and an educative Documentary Video Film, tastefully created film by a team of historians which provides a preview of various aspects of the monument that the tourist is about to see to enrich tourist’s knowledge about Fort Raigad. A conducted tour of the Fort gives in-depth information to the tourists, besides answering their queries. Our Team is on toes to help and guide the tourists.

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Timing (Open Hours ) of the Ropeway : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Package includes:

Ropeway Ride, Museum and Documentary Film on Fort Raigad.

Ropeway tickets have to be purchased only at 'Ropeway Ticket Office’, Fort Raigad.

Backup/safety measures:

Upon occasional failure of electrical supply, the backup generators take care to complete the trip. In addition, the entire Ropeway can be operated manually. There is an additional provision of a bi-cable Rescue Ropeway to rescue the Stranded passengers safely in case of eventuality. Maintenance work of Ropeway is carried out at regular intervals of time.